You probably have trigger finger if your finger gets stuck curled up and you have to force it to straighten back out.  That the "trigger" part.  It the painful snap that happens.  

A lot of people with trigger finger wake up in the morning with their fing...

A concussion is a temporary disruption of brain function.  This includes things like

memory, reaction time, processing speed, balance, eye movement, and coordination of eye movements with head movements.  

A concussion can't be seen on a regular medical tests like a bra...

The single biggest catastrophic threat to your student-athlete is Sudden Cardiac Death.  When the heart stops suddenly, it's critically important to get it going again as soon as possible.  

The 2 common causes of sudden cardiac death are:  

  1. The heart stops...

In One Way or Another You are Paying for Your Healthcare

"Consumerism" is all about looking our for YOU when you buy something.  

"Healthcare Consumerism" is all about looking out for your when you "buy" healthcare. 

Even with no deductible or co-pay, most people pay...

Complete all 3 Phases for a Full Recovery

When You Don't Give Yourself the Time for all 3 Phases You Won't get Better

Phase 1

Get Rid of Pain & Inflammation

Phase 2

Get Back Flexibility & Strength

Phase 3

Return to Your Normal Activities



The bottom line is that spine manipulation by a physical therapist, in comparison to other medical treatments including medications, injections, and surgery is a safer treatment. 

According to a 2017 Study of Pain:

  • 25% of people that regularly take medications like A...

Learn about the trap of having an X-ray, MRI, or CT scans for neck, back, or joint pain and how these can result in medication, injection and surgery you don't need. Good PT can provide safe, effective and natural treatment instead.

Learn how stretching can help you recover from injury and prevent injury. Learn why stretching advice can be confusing.

Get good PT - learn to avoid the MRI trap that will often lead to medications, injections or surgery you don't need.

Learn how poor posture causes your rotator cuff and shoulder pain. Learn the difference between standard exercises and Good Physical Therapy.

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September 15, 2019

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