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Patient Education Videos

General Posture Video
Computer Set-up


If you spend hours each day sitting at a computer, make sure you're doing it correctly. Sharon Vaknin shows you how to arrange your workspace with your body's health in mind.


Laptop or Computer devices can bring you great benefits if you adopt healthy habits by using them as a correct posture, regular breaks and a proper adjustment of equipment. 


Sitting and Posture

          Are you sitting too much.  This video outlines the negative                     things that happen with prolonged sitting.

          A unique way to think about sitting posture and how to find                   your good sitting posture.  


"I was first treated at PPTSM by Chris for a very stubborn, painful case of plantar fasciitis. As a result of their extraordinary care, I was eventually able to walk for longer periods with no pain. 


Because of the positive results of my first therapy, and the friendly, upbeat atmosphere of the facility, I later self-referred to PPTSM for an upper back pain that was making everyday activities, such as cooking and gardening painful. I had assumed that my back pain and fatigue were just an annoying part of middle age, but now I know of a place where I can find help when I need it!"

- Laure

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