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Refer Yourself to Physical Therapy

Save your time and money, and return to your normal activities sooner. 


Save Time & Cost of Physician Visit for a Physical Therapy Referral

Start your recovery right away.  Save the time and cost of a visit to your doctor to get a physical therapy referral.  Refer yourself.  


Doctor's will  often send you for x-rays, try medications and schedule return visits. If you don't get better you will be sent for an MRI or to a specialist who will order an MRI and try different medication.  Somewhere along the way or if you don't get better you will be sent to physical therapy and get better.   


After physical therapy our clients wish they had just come to see us first.  They realize they would have recovered quicker and saved time and money.  

How Self-Referral Works

Most insurance companies cover self-referral to physical therapy. Exceptions are workers’ compensation claims, motor vehicle accidents and Medicare.


Before your first visit, our office staff will let you know if your insurance has any referral requirements.

Self-Refer - Recover Faster, Save Time & Money


Most insurance companies provide the same coverage whether you self-refer or obtain a referral from your primary care provider.


We will let you know, before your first appointment, if your insurance company has any special referral requirements. 


Injured or In Pain?  Refer Yourself - Don't Delay Your Recovery
woman kicking soccer ball

 “BEFORE, when I got hurt, I would wait for some time to see if the injury got better on its own. If not, I would go to my doctor, and then get sent to physical therapy. This all took a lot of time, often taking 6 or 8 weeks to recover. NOW, I make the call myself and begin the healing process at my first appointment with a physical therapist. Self-referral saves a lot of time and gets me back to my regular schedule a lot quicker

-- Erica

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