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Summer Sports Injury? Fast Treatment Gets You Back In the Game

Erica coordinates her own work, gym and sports schedules. She coordinates this with her son's school and sports and her husbands work and sports. There is not time for a lengthy recovery from an injury. Erica has learned to get the treatment she needs right away and the right way - she self refers to physical therapy. She knows it is a safe and effective way to stay in the game and keep up with work and coordinating her family.

Avoid Lengthy Recoveries

"BEFORE, when I got hurt, I would wait for some time to see if the injury got better on its own. If not, I would go to my doctor and then get sent to physical therapy. This all took time. It could take 3-4 weeks before I got to the doctor and started physical therapy treatment. "

Now Erica Gets Started With PT ASAP

Erica gets right in. Therapy starts and she can keep up with her regular activities. Couch potatoes, weekend warriors, and regular athletes are all learning to self-refer to PT. They have learned it is the best way to start their recovery. At PPTSM we diagnose your injury and develop a treatment plan together to get your back to your regular activities as soon as possible.

"NOW, I make the call myself and begin the healing process at my first appointment with a physical therapy. Self-referral saves a lot of time, and gets me back to my regular schedule a lot quicker."

Quick Treatment Prevents Complications

Starting physical therapy right after an injury prevents worsening and prolonged recovery. Erica has found quick treatment:

  • Speeds Her Recovery

  • Disrupts Her & Her Family Schedule Less

  • Gets Her Back to Her Normal Activity Faster

Most Insurance Companies Cover Self-Referral to PT

Our staff will check with your insurance company BEFORE your first appointment. We will let you know if you insurance coverage has any special requirements.

Refer Yourself to Physical Therapy To Save Time and Speed Your Recovery

Give PPTSM a call to set up an appointment in our Hebron or Colchester offices.


Christopher DiPasquale, PhD, PT, OCS, SCS, CHT is a physical therapist at Performance Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine with offices in Hebron and Colchester, Connecticut. He is board certified by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties in Orthopedic Physical Therapy and Sports Physical Therapy and a Certified Hand Therapist by the Hand Therapy Certification Committee.

For more information visit or call the office: Colchester 860-537-3014 or Hebron 860-228-4883

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