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Exercise as Medicine - At Any Age

It's no Secret. You can cure many health problems with exercise. You can even stop or reduce your medications. In 2007 Exercise is Medicine started to spread the word. Initiated by the AMA and ACSM, it is now a global health campaign.

High Blood Pressure Treatment

The treatment of high blood pressure with exercise is a great example. Dr. Linda Pescatello, who studies blood pressure at UCONN, found regular exercise cleared high blood pressure. Regular exercise is needed to keep your blood pressure low. 30-60 minutes a day of moderate aerobic exercise is recommended. This exercise should be supplemented by 2-3 days of strengthening exercises each week.

The Exercise Cure

Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky treats kids with genetic illness while also looking for cures. He worked with mice with a genetic disease that causes early aging. He found that exercise stopped the early aging process.

Dr. Tarnopolsky stated gene therapy hasn't delivered for kids with genetic therapy so far. "The most effective therapy available for my paints right now is exercise."

Exercise & Type 2 Diabetes

With Type 2 diabetes your body still makes insulin. The problem is a loss of insulin sensitivity. Exercise and your diet reduce the risk of developing this kind of diabetes. At least, reduce you carbs - it's also true that "Food is Medicine." More on that another day.

Get Moving

The CDC reports exercise reduces your risk of having cancer, a stroke, heart attack or depression. Exercise is a great treatment for depression and doesn't come with the side effects of medications.


Christopher DiPasquale, PhD, PT, OCS, SCS, CHT is a physical therapist at Performance Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine with offices in Hebron and Colchester, Connecticut. He is board certified by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties in Orthopedic Physical Therapy and Sports Physical Therapy and a Certified Hand Therapist by the Hand Therapy Certification Committee.

For more information visit or call the office: Colchester 860-537-3014 or Hebron 860-228-4883

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