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Be A Smart Healthcare Consumer

In One Way or Another You are Paying for Your Healthcare

"Consumerism" is all about looking our for YOU when you buy something.

"Healthcare Consumerism" is all about looking out for your when you "buy" healthcare.

Even with no deductible or co-pay, most people pay part of their premium. When your

health insurance comes from work, it shows up as a deduction or part of your benefits

package. It just comes out of your paycheck.

Concerns of Healthcare Consumers in 2018

In 2018 McKinsey and Company did a study of healthcare consumers. At the time, healthcare consumers:

  • Were worried about the cost of healthcare.

  • Wanted to know which treatment options cost less.

  • Were frustrated by delays in seeing their primary care doctor.

  • Wanted to know how to find out the cost of services.

Consumers with Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem. But the truth is on 7% of people that could get better with physical therapy even this it's an option.

"Smart" Healthcare Consumers choose PT because...

  1. PT is safer than treatments like medications, injections, and surgery

  2. PT works as well or better than other medical treatments

  3. PT costs less

Back Pain Treatment Example

  • $1,000: Average payment for 10 PT visits to clear back pain

  • $2,611: Average cost of an MRI

  • $3,852: Average cost of 2-night hospital visit

  • $??????: Average cost of two or more months of recovery

  • $6,746: A year's supply of opioid pain medication

Save Over $12,000

Go to PT. Skip the MRI. No surgery or hospital stay. Avoid addiction to pain medication.

The Average Cost of Physical Therapy

In 2018 the average cost of 10 PT visits in the US was about $1000.

The actual cost varies for a lot of different reasons. Most of the differences are caused by complicated insurance company contracts. If you find this hard to believe, call your insurance company 3 times and ask the same questions each time to the 3 different people you talk to. Most of the time you will get 3 different answers.

What's the First thing the Average Person with Back Pain Does?

Go to their primary care doctor. Right? in 2018 the average time to see a physician increased to 24 days - a 30% increase compared to 2014.

Then a referral to an orthopedic surgeon.

Next, x-rays and an MRI. Lots of times then injections, medications, surgery, and more medication.

You Can Get Better Faster. Go to PT First.

In our office the average person is able to get an appointment with one of our physical therapists within a few days.

We figure out what the issue is and get you back to your normal activities. It's usually 10 visits over 4-6 weeks. Physical could save you $12,000.


Christopher DiPasquale, PhD, PT, OCS, SCS, CHT is a physical therapist at Performance Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, with offices in Hebron and Colchester, Connecticut. He is board certified by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties in Orthopedic Physical Therapy and Sports Physical Therapy and a Certified Hand Therapist by the Hand Therapy Certification Committee. Visit for more information. You can call the Hebron office at 860-228-4883 or send an email to You can call the Colchester office at 860-537-3014 or send an email to

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